Our History

Projects bring experiences. Experience brings quality.
We have been active for you since 1983!


Founding. Bruckmann + Partner was founded in Basel by Konrad Bruckmann (works e.g. in the Munich Museum, Zurich) with Wolfgang Weingart (works in e.g. MoMa NY, Zurich, Swiss Grand Prix Design).

Konrad Bruckmann and Wolfgang Weingart


First Mac in Switzerland. Throughout Switzerland, Bruckmann+Partner has done its first work with Apple. Hardware, software and fonts were imported directly from the USA. Wolfgang Weingart and Steve Jobs were in close contact to purchase Apple computers for the Basel School of Design.

First Mac


High-end image technology and proofing. Investment in the newest generation of scanners, proofers and image technology experts to increase quality and optimize production time.


Magazine production for publishers. Graphic content and production for over 24 magazines per year, for architecture & lifestyle publisher Archithema Verlag AG.

Architecture magazines by BBF


New name, new locations, new generation. The new brand BBF expands to four different locations: Basel (1983), Schaffhausen (1993), Zurich (1995) and Cologne (1998). Three new family members from the 2nd generation found new branches and develop new services for customers.

BBF 2nd generation


The agency with the largest magazine portfolio. BBF produces over 40 different magazine titles for publishers and companies.

Magazine cover by BBF
Magazine cover by BBF
Magazine cover by BBF
Magazine cover by BBF
Magazine cover by BBF
Magazine cover by BBF
Magazine cover by BBF
Magazine cover by BBF
Magazine cover by BBF
Magazine cover by BBF
Magazine cover by BBF
Magazine cover by BBF
Magazine cover by BBF
Magazine cover by BBF
Magazine cover by BBF
Magazine cover by BBF
Magazine cover by BBF
Magazine cover by BBF
Magazine cover by BBF
Magazine cover by BBF


Decades of partnership. BBF is constantly expanding its expertise and relations. Start of a partnership with the high-end content specialist Lüchinger Publishing, which is still successful today.


Events and digitization. BBF develops unique spaces for international events and fairs, working with highly realistic 3D models. This year BBF creates a 5,000 m2 space for Agfa at the Photokia in Cologne.


High-end film and photography. BBF starts investing in shooting equipment, film and photo experts and optimizes all production processes. Film and photo shoots are combined in one set in order to achieve greater flexibility and quality for customer orders.

BBF Shooting
BBF Shooting


Launch of AVASTIN® (Roche). A future pharma blockbuster (over 1 billion in sales) is launched, first for lung, then for breast, brain and ovary carcinomas.

BBF event


FINMA branding. FINMA is created from the merger of the Swiss Federal Banking Commission (SFBC), the Federal Office for Private Insurance (FOPI) and the Anti-Money Laundering Control Agency (Kst GwG). BBF wins the contest to create the new FINMA corporate image.


UI / UX design for new generation CMS. BBF starts developing a new generation of fully responsive CMS, operated via web browser, with an integrated search engine for easy digital management and content publishing. Multichannel, no training, and Swiss based.


ETH Board's Annual Report . BBF produces annual reports for companies, authorities and organizations. BBF wins the contest to produce the ETH Board's annual report.

Annual report by BBF


30 years of BBF! Anniversary celebration in Basel with customers, friends and employees with lectures by Wolfgang Weingart and René Lüchinger.

Wolfgang Weingart and René Lüchinger at BBF Anniversary


The “Google” of companies, public authorities and private. The second generation of the Swiss  Cloud System expands with big data and intelligent search for unlimited scaling business. BBF curates the entire user interface concept, UI / UX design and brand development.

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3rd generation develops new services. Third generation joins BBF. With the cloud system, customers can benefit from highly efficient digital services and first-level support in order to  implement even more agile marketing measures.

Digital management at BBF


Virtual tours, rooms and events. BBF creates virtual rooms with interactive elements in high-res. Animated, filmed and a combination of both. For showrooms, events, trade fairs and production facilities.


High quality book productions. BBF has worked on over 500 book productions since it was founded, winning several awards over the years. An anniversary book series with over 5,000 pages is handed over to BBF for design and production.


The data comes to you. Together with Swiss technology experts, BBF has developed the "Digital Workplace": Confidential Computing for managing big data with unsurpassed Swiss data protection and security.

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