UBS 1997 – Today

New Standards in Communication

The largest bank in Switzerland has been a BBF customer since the early 1980s. We accompanied the financial institution from the printed to the digital world. As a content provider, visual partner for printed corporate messaging or as a supplier for sophisticated digital event management.
App design by BBF
CMS backend by BBF
Magazines by BBF

Worldwide Connections

Optimus: the wealth management magazine for global private investors, in three languages. BBF coordinated authors and photographers worldwide. A new modular design concept made  possible to produce the project quickly, in close cooperation with the customer.
Magazines by BBF

Tailor-Made Concepts

After the merger to form UBS, the bank needed new approaches to address its customers. BBF implemented new concepts for various target groups and was responsible for several large-circulation magazines in multiple languages in terms of word, image and layout.
Finance Magazines by BBF
Multilingual magazines by BBF

Digital Publishing

As BBF was founded in 1983, our client was still the Swiss Bank Corporation in Basel, one of the precursor banks of today's UBS. In 1987 BBF was the first Swiss agency to produce a magazine via desktop. That means not only the layout or the films, but the entire image processing became digital.

High-End Content

We also count on decades of expertise in the financial industry for other clients. For Kaiser Partners in Vaduz, BBF created the bilingual high-end publication «Responsible Wealth Review» as well as high-end text and video content for the Kaiser Partner home page.
High-end magazine by BBF
Three Nobel Prize winners in a publication exclusive for customers of KaiserPartner. Through our unique network, we bring personalities and their stories together with our clients.
High-end magazine by BBF
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