Unser Kreativteam vereint scharfsinniges Denken, die Rigorosität wissenschaftlichen Sachverstands und einen Sinn für Design, der Ihre Veranstaltung unvergesslich macht.
Stand by BBF
Stand by BBF
Horizons IV Forum by BBF
Annual Lung Cancer Expert Forum, Geneva, Stockholm, Berlin
Horizons II Forum by BBF
Horizons III Forum by BBF
«A big thank you to all of you for helping make this year’s Horizons meeting an outstanding success. I have been flooded by emails of thanks and congratulations from affiliates (this is usually rare!) and I think this really shows how well the meeting was received.  Also, the entire faculty commented that they would like to participate again!  I think everything went perfectly from an organizational perspective, the scientific talks and discussions were excellent and the venue(s) looked fantastic!

Thank you again for your hard work and I look forward to working with you again in the future.»

Renée Meloche
International Product Manager, Avastin®
Launch Event für Avastin in OC in Prag
Konzept, Messaging, visuelle Umsetzung in Print, Digital und 3D
Event design by BBF
«Thank you so much for having everything delivered on time, your execution of the concept was outstanding. We have had amazing compliments on the design and attention to detail. At the end, we both, got a standard that we wanted to achieve.
Many, many thanks for making the event such a success.»

Hemala Reddy
International Product Manager Avastin® OC
«The BBF production quality is always outstanding with sleek transitions, quality sound and high visual impact.»

Michael Harries
Global Launch Readiness Lead
«Brilliant transformation of the key message into a theme and launch logo. Creativity and execution at its very best.»

Silvia Carter
Senior Global Event Manager

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